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Im Endless Opportunities To Learn

It has been a remarkable transformation for our children at the center, coming from in-home daycare.  Not only are they being exposed to creative avenues daily to individually express themselves, but they are challenged personally to grow and mature while always having fun.  The center is truly an extended family. I know that, although we aren’t able to spend quality time with our children during the day with our jobs, we are leaving them with people who care and love them.  Additionally, they are open and accommodating, and acknowledge different parenting styles.  Ultimately, my three children are very happy and excited when I pick them up every day to tell me what they’ve learned and played, and I just thank the Center for nurturing and helping them grow.  I am very impressed with the staff (leadership and teachers) and always, without a doubt, know they have the children’s best interest at heart.

Patricia M., Parent of Toddler, Preschooler and Kindergartener at Center 1

Im Peace of Mind

Our daughter started at ILC as a 3 month old and she is now 20 months old.  From day one we felt that our daughter was safe, happy and well cared for by the staff at ILC.  She has definitely developed attachments to her teachers (and they to her!).  There have been many days where she did not even notice that we were leaving for the day because she was already engrossed in whatever activity was taking place in her classroom or interacting with a teacher or one of her peers.   In addition, we have found that at ILC she has had the opportunity to have experiences that we never would have expected.  For example, when she was about 5 months old we received an e-mail from her teachers which showed her doing an art project.  It never would have crossed our minds to have her do an art project at that young age!  She looked so happy in the pictures and as parents it made us feel great that she was able to develop interests and engage in activities like art projects.  We are very thankful to all of the staff and teachers at ILC because they have played such an important and positive role in our daughter’s first two years of life.  

Rachel B., Parent of a Toddler at Center 2

Im Quality Communication

I love the daily emails from my child’s teacher every day.  It helps me stay connected to what he is doing and learning and I can ask him later about specific activities they did during the day.  The teachers also take the time to include quotes from every child answering a question related to the weekly theme- these make my day!

Kristin, Parent of Preschooler at Center 1

Im Personalized Care

From the first time I called ImagiNation Learning Center to request information, I felt at ease, welcomed, and reassured.  My son was 18 months old when he began attending ILC.  He’d never attended any kind of daycare or preschool, and stayed at home with me since birth.  We were new to the area and in need of child care as I was going back to work.  Miss Gina was wonderful!  She answered so many of my questions over the phone, set us up for a visit, and welcomed us with open arms.  We were very impressed with the small class sizes, the artwork and pictures displayed around the center, the curriculum, and, most importantly, how easily he began playing with toys and children during the visit. The Toddler Teachers became his new best friends.  They would call me if anything happened that I needed to know about.  They were so kind to answer my numerous calls to check on him and his transitions.  They even made it a point to send out Daily Emails, several times a week to let us know what was going on.  He recently transitioned into the Two’s classroom and now loves his Twos Teachers just as much!  They really worked with him on using his words and in the last month, he’s begun talking so much more and is really learning new things.  Every teacher, or director knows him personally and they’ve all taken interest in him.  He looks forward to going to school each day!

Whitney B., Parent of Two Year Old at Center 2

Im Consistent Caregiving

I cannot say enough about the ImagiNation Learning Center.  My daughter’s have grown up at the center.  I work full time – so, finding a loving environment, where my kids could grow, was important.  From the leadership team, to the teachers, to the other employees, I truly appreciate what the center has to offer.  We will miss everyone when we leave.

Kelly B., Parent of Infant and Preschooler at Center 1

Im Our Extended Family

My daughter is 3 ½ and has attended Imagination Learning Center since she was 3 months old.  Turning your newborn over to someone else is the most difficult task any mother faces, but the infant room teachers were amazing and extremely patient with me.  My daughter, to this day, still stops by the infant room to hug Miss Ernie and Miss Nithzia every day.  All of the teachers from infants, to toddlers, to twos, to preschool are always available to talk through any issues and mostly to just reassure you that what your child is going through is normal and it’s just a phase. My daughter has made great friends, since she has been with the same core group of kids from infant room on to Preschool.  I changed jobs last year and ILC is no longer a convenient commute, but I keep my daughter there because they have become more than a daycare, they’ve become family.  The teachers and staff truly care about the kids AND families and go out of their way to help parents in any way they can.  The only thing that makes me sad is knowing that eventually she will have to leave after kindergarten…..  I would highly recommend Imagination Learning Center for anyone who wants the peace of mind that comes from knowing that your child is in the best possible hands.

Lori S., Parent of Preschooler at Center 2

Im Flexibility

There are a number of reasons why we chose ILC over other childcare places.  One of the biggest reasons is their flexibility with schedules and the part-time option.  Lisa and Sherry have always been so accommodating to our changing work schedules and allowed us to change almost on a week to week basis.  It’s that kind of flexibility that makes our lives as working parents much easier.  But what is even more meaningful is how much my son loves ILC.  He has been at the center since he was 5 months old and has grown up with the same group of children and teachers that he adores.  In fact, he enjoys it so much that he asks to go to school on the days we are off!  It warms my heart to hear him talk about how he wants his teacher to come to his house to play or to come to his birthday party.  They are a big part of his life and that’s a great feeling. Both of my children have gone from babies to “big kids” at lLC and I wouldn’t change anything about it.  We’ve been dropping at least one of our kids off at ILC every week for almost 6 years and it was the best decision we have made!

Jane B., Parent of a Preschooler and First Grader at Center 1

Im Not Easy To Say Goodbye

What can we say? We have so enjoyed our time with all of you at ImagiNation Learning Center! From the time that Brennan and Jacob just arrived and needed time to acclimate, you all stepped in and made them feel loved. Through tears and some curdling screams, you handled it all with grace!! Some of you have even followed our children through the different age classrooms and therefore know all kinds of tidbits about who they are! Right down to our little hot mess, Elena! We can’t say enough about you, your wonderful teaching, and great compassion for the little ones. Let’s just say that you stand out among the crowd out there. That is an understatement! You truly make a difference not only in the lives of children, but in the lives of families as a whole. We appreciate all of the love you have shown to our kids and to us. Leaving the center was a very difficult decision for us, as you might imagine. It won’t be easy to say goodbye. But, thank you, thank you for who you are, and all of the things you do each day with a smile on your face.

Susan K., Parent of a Two Year old and Preschooler at Center 2 

Im Individualized Accommodations

We have been attending ImagiNation Learning Center since 2007, when our son started as an infant, and when our daughter Claire was born in 2009, it was an easy decision to enroll her as well.  Just a few short months after Claire started; she was diagnosed with a very rare childhood seizure disorder.  The staff was extremely supportive and thoughtful during this very scary time period for our family as we navigated a series of doctors and medical treatments.  When it became clear that she needs to stay home full time, management was extremely flexible and understanding, and despite the fact she was no longer attending the center, they continued to ask about her status and provide encouragement.  After a few months, the doctors approved her return to daycare and again, the staff was extremely flexible in working with her part-time schedule to accommodate her continuing medical appointments.  The staff also invited her developmental therapists into the classroom so they could learn how to support her physical therapy exercises aimed at helping her re-learn how to roll over, push up, and eventually to crawl.  Now that Claire is two and about to move to the toddler classroom, it is amazing to see how much she has achieved given her struggles, and I attribute much of her positive progress to the caring, compassionate , and conscientious staff at ImagiNation Learning Center.  We consider them a partner in our daughters care and are very lucky to be an ImagiNation family!

Cynthia M., Parent of Two Year Old and Preschooler at Center 1

Im Teamwork

We cannot be happier with the care of our twins at Center 2. I want to join the Board because I want to be more involved in the decisions made that impact them. It is a team effort between teachers and administrators at school and the parents. Joining the Board provides me a means to do more. We have seen the value of a parent-involved, non-profit education center in the care of the teachers and administrators under which our kids are thriving. We were at a previous center, where the discussions with the teachers centered not on education and care, but on petty teacher infighting. Imagination Learning Center is an amazing, tight-knit family. We are so happy that we refer everyone who is looking for care in the area!

Heather P., Parent of Two Year Old Twins at Center 2

Im Strong Foundations

The quality of care given at ImagiNation Learning Center is absolutely exceptional.  I was thankfully recommended to ImagiNation Learning Center by a co-worker whose child attended the center when my daughter was 9 months old in 2003.  I can honestly say that from my daughter’s first day at the center we have thought of ImagiNation Learning Center as extended family.  I firmly believe that when my daughter entered Kindergarten, she was able to excel in school because of the strong foundation and fundamentals ILC taught her through their Pre-school program. My son will also be leaving the center in the fall and I have no doubt that he too will excel upon entering the public school system as he has benefited from the same exceptional care and education provided by the center.  ImagiNation Learning Center has the best staff/teachers and I will always hold a special place in my heart for them as they have been a true Godsend and comfort to me.   Being a full time working mom can be overwhelming but knowing when I dropped my children off for the day, they are in a safe, fun, learning, and loving environment made my life that much easier and is priceless.

Glory D., Parent of Infant and Preschooler at Center 1

Im Calm Under Pressure

I am so unbelievably grateful that ILC’s teachers stayed at the daycare on January 26, 2011 during that horrible snow storm and traffic nightmare. As a panicked parent who was stuck in traffic for over three hours, I felt reassured and comforted that these ladies were with my children. Not only did they stay late while parents came to pick up their children, but they stayed the night, which goes above and beyond what I consider is their job. These young ladies deserve a huge thank you from all of us parents. It also is a reflection of the type of people that are employed at your center; thoughtful, caring, and family- oriented.  It reiterates to me that I have indeed selected the best center for my children to attend bar none.

Kelly F., Parent of an Infant and Toddler at Center 2 

Im Home-School Connections

My daughter has been going to ILC for 2 years and I have come to know the staff and teachers to be extremely committed and loving people.  Since my daughter spends the majority of each weekday at ILC, that knowledge provides a great comfort to me as a working parent.  Moreover, I have been thrilled with the daily communication and sense of camaraderie at ILC!  The daily notes and photographs keep us apprised of all the classroom happenings and give me and my husband the ability to discuss every day in detail with our daughter.  My daughter is often  (pleasantly) surprised that I know so much about what she does each day, down to quotations of things she said in class, what lesson she learned, and what books she read.  In the 2 years that my daughter has attended ILC, she has blossomed in so many ways and I attribute a great deal of that to her wonderful teachers.  It is never easy to leave your child with another caregiver, but I trust the staff at ILC and would absolutely recommend ILC!

Cassandra C., Parent of Preschooler at Center 1

Im All Around Excellence

ImagiNation Learning Center has exceeded our expectations. We wanted a genuine caring and nurturing as well as a healthy environment. We have experienced all of that and an exceptional program of academics, developmentally appropriate activities and state-of-the-art parent/teacher communications.

Sara, A., Parent of a Preschooler at Center 1

Im Detailed Curriculum For All Ages

I cannot begin to express my thanks to the directors, teachers and staff at the Imagination Learning Center 2 for all the wonderful work they do on a day-to-day basis and for making my children the most important part of their day.  The combination of experienced teachers, especially in the infant classroom, knowledgeable directors, exciting education curriculums, and fun center-wide activities goes beyond the standard early learning center.  In addition, the pride and love the teachers and directors have for teaching and caring for children appears in all they do, which is something that is irreplaceable.  It has become our home away from home.
As a new parent, I dreaded having someone else watch my first daughter.  However, after many disappointing/unfulfilling center tours, I toured Center 2 and instantly knew this was the place for us.  The loving nature of the teachers and the overall atmosphere was very inviting and the detailed curriculums for each classroom were very impressive, encouraging development at all ages.  I was astounded when my 7 month old was painting pictures using different materials.  Her fine motor skills were more advanced than many other infants I knew at the time.  Not only was she learning but she was having fun.  She is now in the pre-school program and learning things at an advanced level.  She enjoys so many aspects of her day and loves the teachers.  We are looking forward to watching our second daughter grow and thrive in the same environment with the same loving teachers.

Jennifer T., Parent of an Infant and Preschooler at Center