Imagine Us

Company History

ImagiNation Learning Center was initially established in 1987 as Westfields Play and Learn Children's Center. In the newly expanding Westfields business community, there was an overwhelming need for child care solutions that would combine affordable child care with a quality educational experience. This non-profit child care model would be governed by a volunteer board of directors; comprised mainly of parents whose children were enrolled at the centers. Supported by a management company known as Play and Learn Services, this initiative was to be the beginning of a new approach to quality child care. For over two decades, our centers have been referred to as, "The best kept secret in Chantilly."

By 2007, Westfields Play and Learn had built a knowledge base of the child care industry that enabled the company to become wholly self-sufficient. Today our company is governed by a team of directors that partners with the volunteer Parent Board to bring you those same meaningful experiences that families have counted on since the very beginning. Although our professional philosophy to child care has remained unchanged, our company has long since outgrown its original name. The final step to creating a contemporary "us" was to develop a new name and logo. In 2011, we changed our name to ImagiNation Learning Center. The new name captures everything we were and everything we have become.

Welcome to our world, where we encourage your family to Explore, Experience, and Engage!