Imagine Us

Family Partnerships

EXPLORE: A partnership where your opinions count!

The success of our program is based on establishing a partnership between our families and the center staff. Frequent and open communication between family members and teachers will help your child have a positive early learning experience. Feel free to come in and visit your child at any time. Feel free to talk to any member of the teaching or management team to exchange observations and opinions.

EXPERIENCE: Your child’s day in many ways!

We utilize many different tools to keep you informed about what is happening with your child. Below is a description of the typical communication tools we are using at the center:

Electronic Communication:
Families are able to receive classroom and center updates, newsletters, event information, and emergency announcements through our eBulletin Boards, and emails.

Newsletters containing a summary of classroom activities and special moments are available electronically as well as outside the classrooms.

Family Information Board:
Outside of each classroom and in the center lobby you will find a board specifically assigned to provide families with more detailed information. The Family Information Board includes menus, lesson plans, daily schedules, calendar of events, newsletters and special announcements.

Developmental Assessments:
Throughout the year, our teachers observe and assess the progress of each child’s development. The observations are captured on our Developmental Assessment Tool specifically designed for each age group.

Twice yearly, or by request, we offer conferences to all families at our center to discuss observations of your child’s developmental progress and set goals for the upcoming months.

Parent Resources:
A wealth of information is available on parenting topics such as dealing with challenging behavior, health and nutrition, and family activities.

ENGAGE: Your family as you share your own particular talents!

Your involvement is an integral part of the teamwork necessary to provide the best education and experiences possible for your child. Take advantage of our open door policy! Infant parents are invited to come in at any time to work together with the staff as we follow your baby’s routine. Parents of older children also feel free to drop-in to share lunch with your child, read a story, or create a special activity for your child’s class. We encourage parents at all levels to participate in special events, chaperone field trips, and provide an extra set of hands during classroom celebrations.

If you are looking to contribute on a professional level, please consider becoming a part of our Board of Directors.