ToddlerChoosing ImagiNation Learning Center means your Toddler will have unlimited opportunities for discovery and exploration. Energetic, patient and understanding teachers are critical for the healthy development of your toddler. We create a structured environment where young children experience a balance between teacher directed and independent activities.

Language & Literacy:
First words happen here! We encourage language development by talking with children, naming objects, describing events, reflecting feelings, and helping toddlers find the words to express themselves. In a toddler's world, a book is more than a story. Pages are turned, books are stacked, sorted and traded, pictures are identified, and a love for reading begins.

Sensory & Science:
At this stage, the classroom and playground become your toddler's laboratory. Simple scientific concepts begin to develop as a toddler manipulates the world around him. Cause and effect may be learned by pushing a button; understanding gravity begins by dropping toys; and object permanency occurs while searching for seashells in the sand table. Rich with a wide variety of natural materials, our curriculum satisfies the toddlers thirst for discovery.

Music & Movement:
Jumping, running, climbing, clapping and dancing. Have you ever watched a toddler for just a few minutes? As energetic and enthusiastic toddlers, there is a natural penchant for anything in motion. Enhanced with classic songs and fingerplays, our curriculum is designed to satisfy the urge to "Do it again, and again, and again!"

Manipulatives & Math:
An array of brightly colored manipulatives becomes available for beginning math concepts. Using blocks, beads, and counters, toddlers practice basic math skills such as counting; sorting and stacking; and identifying shapes and colors. These are the building blocks for preschool skills.