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Board of Directors

ImagiNation Learning Center is governed by an elected Board of Directors. Members of the Board are generally parents of children currently enrolled at our Centers who have agreed to volunteer their time to help promote our Company and to provide guidance to ensure proper management of the Centers. Board members are not compensated, more information as referred in Board Handbook

More About the Board

The Board of Directors consists of up to fifteen members including a President, Vice President, Treasurer and Secretary. The remaining members function as chairpersons for various committees and projects designated throughout the year. The purpose of the Board is to assess the quality of care, ensure that the Centers are adequately meeting the community needs, and make decisions concerning policy. To provide more direct oversight, the Board employs an Executive Director to provide guidance to center management teams and address issues that arise day to day.

The primary responsibilities of the Board of Directors include approving the yearly budget; review of Center policies and procedures; making critical business, legal and financial decisions; and involvement in overseeing curriculum and education standards for both Center locations. While the Board leaves the daily educational and administrative responsibilities to the Executive Director and center teams, it maintains a close and constant relationship with them in order to be a support system and a sounding board for parents, teachers, and administrators.

Roles and Responsibilities

The descriptions below provide a general overview of the primary roles and responsibilities of the listed positions. Families can learn more about the current members of the Board of Directors and the ImagiNation Learning Executive Director by checking the Board of Directors Bulletin Board at each Center location.

  • President – Executive Director; leads monthly meetings; makes decisions pertaining to Center closures/delays, disciplinary actions, capital expenditures, etc.
  • Vice President – General involvement and provides back up to the President.
  • Secretary – Compiles minutes for meetings and updates Board documents as necessary.
  • Treasurer – Collaborates with Executive Director and President to develop annual budget and reports on profit/loss trending on a monthly basis.

Board Meetings

The Board of Directors meets on a quarterly basis. The first part of every meeting is an open session that any parent can attend. The open session generally includes a report from each center director on such items as enrollment, staffing, and upcoming events and provides parents a chance to ask questions. The remainder of the meeting is closed and allows the Board to discuss new initiatives and make decisions on outstanding projects.

Annual Parent Meeting

Held in October, the Annual Parent Meeting offers another opportunity for families to connect with the Board of Directors. Families from our center locations are invited to attend and listen as members of the Board present information about different aspects of the Center operations including the financial status of the Company, program initiatives, upcoming events, family survey results, and fundraising efforts. Questions are welcomed and encouraged during this engaging meeting.


Interested parents can submit their names to be nominated for a position on the Board. Nominations are solicited in late November/early December with elections held at the end of the calendar year. The newly elected members participate in their first meeting in January.

Board Sponsored Event

Every year the Board sponsors our “Imagination Celebration”, a fun-filled event for our children, their families and our staff. The event includes food and entertainment and allows the Board to show their appreciation to those who support our Centers.